Find the median and a central interval of simulated quantity of interest distributions

qi_slimmer(df, qi_type = "ev", ci = 0.95)



a tidy-formatted data frame of simulated quantities of interest created by zelig_qi_to_df.


character string either ev or pv for returning the central intervals for the expected value or predicted value, respectively.


numeric. The central interval to return, expressed on the (0, 100] or the equivalent (0, 1] interval.


A tidy-formatted data frame with the following columns:

  • The values fitted with setx

  • qi_ci_min: the minimum value of the central interval specified with ci

  • qi_ci_median: the median of the simulated quantity of interest distribution

  • qi_ci_max: the maximum value of the central interval specified with ci

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library(dplyr) qi.central.interval <- zelig(Petal.Width ~ Petal.Length + Species, data = iris, model = "ls") %>% setx(Petal.Length = 2:4, Species = "setosa") %>% sim() %>% zelig_qi_to_df() %>% qi_slimmer()
#> How to cite this model in Zelig: #> R Core Team. 2007. #> ls: Least Squares Regression for Continuous Dependent Variables #> in Christine Choirat, Christopher Gandrud, James Honaker, Kosuke Imai, Gary King, and Olivia Lau, #> "Zelig: Everyone's Statistical Software,"
#> Slimming Expected Values . . .