This object prepares multiply imputed data sets so they can be used by zelig.




a set of data.frame's or a single list of data.frame's


an mi object composed of a list of data frames.


This function creates a list of data.frame objects, which resembles the storage of imputed data sets in the amelia object.


# create datasets n <- 100 x1 <- runif(n) x2 <- runif(n) y <- rnorm(n) data.1 <- data.frame(y = y, x = x1) data.2 <- data.frame(y = y, x = x2) # merge datasets into one object as if imputed datasets mi.out <- to_zelig_mi(data.1, data.2) # pass object in place of data argument z.out <- zelig(y ~ x, model = "ls", data = mi.out)
#> How to cite this model in Zelig: #> R Core Team. 2007. #> ls: Least Squares Regression for Continuous Dependent Variables #> in Christine Choirat, Christopher Gandrud, James Honaker, Kosuke Imai, Gary King, and Olivia Lau, #> "Zelig: Everyone's Statistical Software,"